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Local Republicans Switching to Thompson?

June 21, 2007 11:38 PM

Interesting news from the VikingSpirit blog (one of the best local Republican blogs).  He's been the leading local supporter of Rudy Giuliani's campaign.  And now?

After much deliberation, I'm dropping my support of Rudy Giuliani for Fred Thompson in the Republican Presidential primary. Why you ask? Well, it's somewhat based on ideological reasons, but more based on having a chance at winning the Presidency in 2008 (and, in turn, stopping Hillary Clinton).

Firstly, I believe the political environment is ripe for the base to stay home in 2008. Our party is in open rebellion over the immigration issue, and I don't think base voters will come out to vote for Rudy because he's pro-choice, anti-gun, and pro-gay rights. If the base stays home, we cannot win the election, which leads me to my second reason for supporting Thompson.

He's totally right about the base, which is not enthusiastic about Giuliani at all.  So this is an interesting development.  Giuliani has been the front-runner for some time (which I have always attributed to name recognition, and never understood) but some polls suggest Fred Thompson has pulled ahead.  He's much more in touch with the Republican mainstream.  So welcome back, VikingSpirit!

[I do have to say though, in drafting this post, I see VikingSpirit is working for John Eby's Cincinnati city council campaign.  I voted for John Eby in 2005, but having heard him speak at political events over the last two years, I am not sure he has the ideological qualifications that the job requires.  John Eby is an endorsed Republican, but my impression of him thus far is distinctly unfavorable.  If John Eby wants the party's support he's going to have to do something that suggests he is in line with the party's values.  As yet, we've yet to see that.  If you're involved in his campaign, this should be a big source of concern, VikingSpirit).


Fred is running a great campaign. Why should he waste money, time, or effort actually spreading a public message or setting a public platform when a bunch of people are running around blindly assuming that he agrees with them? The only thing
that can happen by opening his mouth is to alienate some of his supportors. Unfortunately for him, a campaign can't be run like this indefinitely.

He very well might be a great candidate, and I might agree with him on every single major issue, but I think it is a little early to tell. I will be waiting until Fred, himself, actually speaks before I make a choice.

TinCan/TopSoil/Typhoid   ·  June 22, 2007 11:36 AM

Insightful comment about how this kind of campaign can't go on forever, though I do think Thompson is speaking out about quite a few things now.

Nasty, Brutish & Short   ·  June 22, 2007 01:21 PM

It's almost like Fred Thompson isn't on the radio talking about the issues...

It's almost like Fred Thomspon isn't writing articles on the issues for conservative publications...

It's almost like Fred Thompson has been hiding from critics like Mikey Moore...

Or, maybe, not so much...

Matt Hurley   ·  June 25, 2007 03:14 PM

Looks like a Beavis and Butthead conversation.

CincyJeff   ·  July 1, 2007 11:03 PM

Sorry, CincyJeff. It is the gd comment spam that I get. To the tune of several hundred per day, and yes, this blog does have spam filters for comments. I'll try to get it all cleaned out tonight, but I am several days behind.

Nasty, Brutish & Short   ·  July 2, 2007 02:02 PM