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Summer dress code No 2. And this one goes out to all the ladies.

July 3, 2007 01:44 PM

Once again, Above the Law is asking the important questions: Capri pants at work, yea or nay?  In my opinion, the correct answer is clear: yea for secretaries, big nay for professionals.

And spaghetti strap tank tops... ever okay in the office?  I'm very much in the pro-spaghetti strap tank top camp, but have to reluctantly state that they are only appropriate under a jacket or blazer.  It's a shame, I know.

At our office, there's a big debate every summer over what constitutes appropriate summer footwear, and the secretaries start agitating about mules and strappy shoes.  A good rule of thumb: if it makes a flip flop noise when you walk, it's not okay.  Another pet peeve of mine?  People who call flip-flops thongs.  Those are totally different.


conservatives are such prudes

Anonymous   ·  July 3, 2007 03:06 PM

I'm right there with you, especially on the shoe thing. Nothing drives me as batty as someone who walks past my desk repeatedly and I can hear the slap-slap-slap from at least 50 feet away.

Capris - only for secretaries/staff and only on those that are under 200 lbs. please. Honestly, if you're over 150 lbs. (and I am), they aren't the least bit flattering to your figure. They just make you look fatter and more squat than you already are.

Litassistant   ·  July 3, 2007 07:10 PM