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Leona Helmsley's Will Confirms She Was "Trouble"

August 29, 2007 08:12 AM

She left $12,000,000 to her dog, a white Maltese named "Trouble."  At the end of his life, "Trouble" is to be buried in the Helmsley mausoleum, next to Leona and Harry.  She gave $5,000,000 to two of her grandchildren, as long as they visit their father's grave site at least once a year.  If they don't, they get nothing.  Oh, and the other two grandchildren?  They get nothing, "for reasons that are known to them."

I suppose I should also point out that the balance of her estate is to be given to her charitable trust.  That could be billions that she's leaving to charitable causes.  But it's also no excuse for so rudely and publically screwing over two of your grandchildren--"for reasons that are known to them." 

Does anyone actually believe the two screwed over grandchildren were responsible for whatever happened between them and their grandmother?


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She was a sweet old bag, wasn't she?

Photog   ·  August 29, 2007 10:13 AM

I believe those particular two grandchildren sided with their Mother after their father passed (leona's only son Jay) By choosing their mom over Mrs H. they forfitted millions. I don't think it was any more than that. It's interesting too that Craig (one of the grandkids not getting a cent) was the one she favored as a small child because he had dark hair a slightly resembled her(leona)
Despite all the money, it really doesn't compesate for love and lonliness!

pat   ·  August 29, 2007 11:41 AM

Bitch, bitch, bitch... Oh, wait.... yeah, bitch, bitch, bitch.

Gerbeel Haamster   ·  August 29, 2007 06:36 PM

12 Million dollars to her dog! 12 million dollars to her dog! 12 million dollars to her dog! Am I speaking loud and clear enough for you? 2 Grandkids = NADA, 2 Grandkids = $5,000,000 if and only if...XY&Z. Dog = $12,000,000. If this bitch wasn't the Queen of mean I don't know who was.

Anonymous   ·  August 29, 2007 07:53 PM

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