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Worthless Academic Study No. 3,678: "Men Want Hot Women, Study Confirms"

September 4, 2007 02:25 PM

From the AP:

Participants ranged in age from 26 to their early 40s and took part in "speed dating," short meetings of three to seven minutes in which people chat, then move on to meet another dater. Afterward, participants check off the people they'd like to meet again, and dates can be arranged between pairs who select one another.

Speed dating let researchers look at a lot of mate choices in a short time, Todd said.

In the study, participants were asked before the session to fill out a questionnaire about what they were looking for in a mate, listing such categories as wealth and status, family commitment, physical appearance, healthiness and attractiveness.

After the session, the researchers compared what the participants said they were looking for with the people they actually chose to ask for another date.

Men's choices did not reflect their stated preferences, the researchers concluded. Instead, men appeared to base their decisions mostly on the women's physical attractiveness.

The men also appeared to be much less choosy. Men tended to select nearly every woman above a certain minimum attractiveness threshold, Todd said.

I hope this study wasn't funded with taxpayer dollars.  Though I do wonder what they mean by "minimum attractiveness threshold?"  Is it like Hot or Not?


Study also shows "Men like beer."

Anonymous   ·  September 4, 2007 08:55 PM