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As if Republicans needed yet another reason not to vote for Leslie Ghiz...

October 9, 2007 11:01 AM we hear the news that she has been endorsed by the Republican Leadership Council.  The RLC is a group of left-leaning Republicans whose express goal is to drive the party further to the left.  They call it "the middle," but believe me when I tell you, it is not that.  Mark my words, gentle readers: This is the path of disaster and electoral defeat.  Just ask, well, pretty much all the Republicans who lost in Ohio last year because of the "moderate" sixteen years we had under Voinovich and Taft.  We do not need to be grooming more leaders in that mold.

Also disturbing: The email trumpeting this news contains a link to Leslie's campaign website, where we read:

Leslie is engaged to be married shortly after the November election.  She and her fiancé, Steve, reside in North Avondale. 

I know we are well past the point where we can expect model behavior from politicians, but when did we pass the point that they stopped pretending?  I mean, why put this information out there?  Not classy.  At all.


Leslie isn't even an ecomonic republican, so I don't see why she gets credit for that.

Anonymous   ·  October 9, 2007 11:46 AM

I'm definitely not trying to defend ANY politician, but I can see why she may have put it out: To not do so may have been seized upon as juicy gossip by her opponents, as if she had something to hide. Why give them the opportunity?

Jackie Danicki   ·  October 9, 2007 05:23 PM

Good point, Jackie. When I did political consulting the phrase "innoculation" was key. If you have something that is potentially unfavorable, you get it out early, and potential problems evaporate. The problem with this particular situation is that I can't believe it was a political calculation to "get out in front" on this, just to diffuse the rumors. If Leslie's "about me" profile was designed to curtail all the rumors about her, it would weigh in at about 35,000 words. So I just don't think that's what she's doing. She's just obtuse.

And don't get me wrong. Probably no one cares that she's shacked up. It probably won't cost her a single vote. My question is, when did we get to the point where these things didn't matter? And is it a good thing that we're there?

Nasty, Brutish and Short   ·  October 9, 2007 10:19 PM

Actually, people do care nasty. I want my vote to be for a moral person

Amy J.   ·  October 9, 2007 10:55 PM

Not classy. At all.

When has Ghiz ever been classy? Not in my lifetime.

I think Ghiz should advertise this over on the West Side. I think it would go over well there.

CincyJeff   ·  October 13, 2007 10:27 PM

Oh okay, so she's never been "classy." I was giving her the benefit of the doubt. Like the electorate did in 2005.

Speaking of advertising, CincyJeff, I was so unhappy to get an email from Hamilton County GOP headquarters touting Leslie's endorsement from the liberal Republican group. Anyone else unhappy about that?

Nasty, Brutish and Short   ·  October 15, 2007 10:24 PM