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The Enquirer not only buries the lede, they don't even put the lede in their article

October 16, 2007 08:53 AM

The lead story over at the right now is that the E.W. Scripps Company is going to split into two separate entities.  This is a huge story for the Cincinnati business community.  And people want to know if they'll still have jobs, be transferred, etc. etc.

But the article the Enquirer runs does not even mention whether the newly created companies will keep their corporate headquarters in Cincinnati--a big issue, since media outlets logically belong in L.A. or New York.  You have to go directly to the company's press release to find this information--which is where the Enquirer got all their information for their article.  They practically reprint the press release verbatim.  Except the most important part, and the part their readers will care about. 

I assume the Enquirer will update their story shortly.  But why even put anything out there, when it doesn't even address the first question people will have?

Both new companies are staying by the way.  NBS breaks the news by reading the press release!  Should I insist the Enquirer "credit" NBS as the source? 


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