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Christmas like it used to be...

December 31, 2007 09:31 AM


And not one of them a likely candidate for a shooting rampage. I miss the 50s.

Anonymous   ·  December 31, 2007 03:33 PM

The non-juror is offline (eating haggis or something like that) but he will no doubt weep for joy over this ad!


Polite, Refined and Tall   ·  December 31, 2007 04:55 PM

This is kind of a sexist ad. Why didn't this Mom get a Daisy, too? After all, it's a lot cheaper to practice with BBs than with the 9x19 FMJs that her Glock eats.

Henry Bowman   ·  December 31, 2007 07:24 PM

I bought all three of my nephews a set of collector's edition Red Ryder and Little Beaver Daisy BB guns. The oldest just got his at Christmas this year...we go for our first outing as soon as it gets warm enough that I don't complain much!

Matt Hurley   ·  January 1, 2008 10:38 AM

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