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For the real political junkies...

December 10, 2007 10:52 AM

...National Review's David Freddoso is talking about a brokered Republican convention, because there is no frontrunner (except Rudy, kind of).

You see these articles every four years and it never happens.  But it does seem a good bit more possible this time.  I know a few of Fred's Ohio delegates.  Could get interesting for them, though it's more likely to be interesting for the delegates of candidates who are actually playing to win.

Up-chuck Huck is looking for delegates if you want to be one, and so is McCain.  One of my dinner companions on Saturday night was an Up-chuck fan.  And another was threatening to not even vote Republican at all; too much tax and spending, so he's threatening to plunge us all into economic misery with a crowd who would be even worse, just to exact his revenge.


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