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John McCain's New Ad...

March 7, 2008 03:58 PM excellent.

Of course, I would never vote for someone because of a campaign ad. But that's just me, and a lot of people don't think that way.

How funny is it that the Democrats are calling each other names, and the McCain campaign is producing video like this?

Ann Althouse has excellent commentary up on the visuals, from the subtle references to "The Color Purple" to the LBJ daisy ad. I suspect there's more there, if you look. This was very, very well thought out.


It's good, but there's this let down moment when the audio switches from Churchill... to John McCain.

Eliphantitus   ·  March 7, 2008 11:43 PM

Wow, McCain was around during WWII, so was my Dad! Did McCain volunteer? My Dad did. I'd like to hear my Dad's view of McCain but unfortunately, My Dad has passed on.

On another note, Baby almost here?

carsick   ·  March 11, 2008 06:41 PM

No baby, no signs of baby. So much for my "you were born in a blizzard" stories. Due date is not until Tuesday. And we're wondering: Did they count Feb. 29 when they did the calculations?

NBS   ·  March 12, 2008 08:00 PM

john mccain is the right man at the right time in our history to lead america in the fight against terror just like the great sir winston churchill and fdr when they took down hitler it's no different the new hitler resides in iran!!!!!!!

bryan in ohio   ·  March 15, 2008 12:35 AM