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The Obama v. Clinton Cage Match

April 29, 2008 10:52 AM

Why didn't someone think of this sooner?   Thank you, New York Post

I can't get the Hillary character to hit below the belt, though.  It would be much more authentic if she could hit below the belt.

Mansfield's Memories: The Earthquakes of 1811-1812

April 18, 2008 09:13 PM

The memories of the earthquake of 2008, Chez NBS, are not nearly so interesting.  It involved both of us waking up, and me, briefly thinking something was wrong with the furnace and making it thump.  But why would the furnace be kicking on?  And then it was, where's Henry?  Because it was like he was on the floor, scratching like crazy with a hind leg.  But he seemed fine, and once we established that, it was back to sleep for us.  You tend to do that when you have a new baby and it's not wailing.  Back to sleep, quick!  It did occur to me for a minute that it was an earthquake.  But I didn't speak up, and now wish I had.  What an authority I would have seemed!

But anyway, what about Mr. Mansfield?  If you've never read his Personal Memories: Social, Political and Literary with Sketches of Many Noted People 1803-1843, you're missing out.  It's life in Cincinnati circa those days, and it is extraordinarly interesting.  You think times are tough now?  You aren't at risk of getting scalped by Indians.

Here's how he recalls the earthquakes.  Yes, he says there was more than one.  He says it went on for several months:

In the midst of this work [his father surveying Northwestern Ohio and Indiana] an event occured which was memorable then, and hardly less so now.  On the night of the 16th of December, 1811, Cousin Mary and I were waked up by a rattling which we supposed to be rats, but which proved to be the handles of a trunk...

Mansfield was, by the way, from a wealthy family.  And yes, they apparently had rats.  I think everyone did.

...In a moment we found the room was shaking, and sprang up frightened.  Then we heard my father's voice calling us.  We rushed down stairs, and, with the whole family, ran into the yard.  While we ran out the bricks were falling from the roof of the house, the chimney having been shaken down...

Thank God this didn't happen to us, we just got an offer on the house, and the inspection is Sunday.

...There was a light snow on the ground, and a carriage in the yard.  My mother and little sister took refuge in the carriage, and my father went back to the house, saying there was more danger of rheumatism than of the house falling.

I like people who are sensible enough to be practical during natural disasters. 

Anyway, back to it:

In Cincinnati...

Mansfield was not technically in "Cincinnati," by the way, he was two miles away, at "Bates Place."  Bonus points to any commenter who can figure out where "Bates Place" was.  I can't tell where it was, but Mansfield says that in later years, it was called "Mt. Comfort" and that their house was "down the Hamilton Road from Cincinnati."  It sounds like was near Northside (f/k/a Cumminsville) but that community was established by then, so Mansfield must have been somewhere different. 

But back to what was going on in the big city:

...the Columbian Inn, at the Corner of Main and Columbia Streets...

Columbia Street must have been below what is now Third Street, and is probably under what is now Great American Ballpark.  There is no Columbia Street now, so far as I know.

...was the principal house of entertainment, where some of the first young men and ladies boarded.  It is said, that on that night the street in front of the Columbian Inn presented a strong contrast to the ordinary rules of propriety; in fact, there was more of nature displayed than of fashion...

I find it hard to believe that's true.  It was December, in the days before climate control.  I'm sure they dressed appropriately for bed, if it really was a respectible boarding house.

The earthquake of December 16, 1811, was the first of a series of earthquakes, which continued about five months.  My father, in order to test the state of things, put a very delicate pendulum inside one of our front windows, and that pendulum never ceased to vibrate in nearly five months.  In the meanwhile, there were, in January and February, several violent shocks....

At our house, the earthquake gave rise to a sort of new life.  Our family was, of course, much alarmed, and some of the gentlement in town would ride out and spend the night with us.... In this manner the winter passed.  Severe shocks of earthquakes occured frequently.  I remember one happening in the morning, when I was at a neighboring log-house.  There was corn on the upper floor, and I heard that corn roll from one side of the house to the other.  As I have said, these shocks did not cease until May.  At that time we were preparing to go to the East, and the government making ready its troops for the march on Canada.

Those Brits.  Still not happy about the whole independence thing. 

I remember talk of the earthquake here in the early '80s--it was in August, and we were in Michigan at the time.  It was the talk of the resort up there, since the resort is entirely made up of people from Cincinnati.  And I can remember hearing from my paternal grandmother, who was in downtown Cincinnati that day with her sister.  They saw a man running from a skyscraper, yelling that everyone should get away from the building, because there had been an earthquake.  "Oh that poor man," they said.  Because he seemed quite insane.  Not everyone felt that earthquake, I guess.

But I think most people felt the one we had this morning, unless they were sleeping really soundly.  I heard we had an aftershock around 10:30 am.  I didn't feel that.  Maybe we'll have more.  Maybe it will go on for five months!

Wherein I say something positive about Barack Obama; He's not going to give out "Street Money" in Philadelphia

April 11, 2008 08:53 AM

What's "street money"?  Per the L.A. Times, it is:

"[A] long-standing Philadelphia ritual in which candidates deliver cash to the city's Democratic operatives in return for getting out the vote.

Flush with payments from well-funded campaigns, the ward leaders and Democratic Party bosses typically spread out the cash in the days before the election, handing $10, $20 and $50 bills to the foot soldiers and loyalists who make up the party's workforce.

It is all legal -- but Obama's people are telling the local bosses he won't pay.

If that is legal, it is appalling.  But for the Dems in Philly, it's just how things are done:

Obama's posture confounds neighborhood political leaders sympathetic to his cause. They caution that if the senator from Illinois withholds money that gubernatorial, mayoral and presidential candidates have willingly paid out for decades, there could be defections to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York. And the Clinton campaign, in contrast, will oblige in forking over the money, these ward leaders predict.

Who's not surprised the Clintons don't have a problem with this?  Anyone?

Another non-surprise?  John Kerry didn't have a problem with it either.  He paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in "street money" in Philadelphia in 2004.

The locals are hoping Obama will give in before next week's primary in PA.  You know.  For his own sake:

With a week and a half left before the election, political leaders hope that Obama will relent.

Garry Williams, a ward leader based in north-central Philadelphia, said that he had not heard directly that the Obama campaign was withholding money. But he said payment would be needed. Workers who are in the field for Obama on April 22 will put in days stretching from 12 to 16 hours, he said.

"It's our tradition," Williams said. "You don't come to someone's house and change the rules of someone's house. That's just respect."

No, it's just corrupt.  If Obama can bring an end to it, kudos to him. 

Last night's Reds game, Jesse Jackson and two guys in gorilla suits

April 10, 2008 09:00 AM

Was anyone else watching last night's game on FSN Ohio?  Mrs. NBS and I had it on in the background, and we both glanced up when announcer Jeff Brantley started talking about how Jesse Jackson was in attendance at the game.  And then our mouths fell open when the camera focused in on two guys in the stands--wearing gorilla suits.  

We could not believe it. 

I'm not one to see racism where it doesn't exist, but MY GOD they really did cross the line putting that audio with that video.  I'm wondering if the camera guy thought it was a funny joke, and Jeff Brantley didn't know what was on the screen as he was talking about Jesse Jackson?  Brantley didn't sound like he was saying anything deliberate.

But still--someone needs to look into it.  Surely someone else noticed it besides just us?

A few minutes later Jeff Brantley was talking about some player who got hit in the groin with a baseball--and talking about it in great detail.  Weird, weird, weird.  Mrs. NBS said "Is he drunk?"  It sure seemed like it.  But he kind of always sounds that way.

"Expelled"--The Art House Film no Art House is Going to Show

April 2, 2008 10:30 PM

But it sure sounds interesting.

In fact, I wonder who, if anyone, is going to show this film. It obviously isn't typical indie film fare. And those who like indie films aren't open-minded enough to see it. We shall see if the independent film theaters in town--the Esquire in Clifton and the Mariemont--are actually brave enough to show it. My guess is no.

For one intellect's thoughts on the film, check out this learned prof:

He seems smart.

Big lib implicated in prostitution sting...

Stabenow's husband caught in Troy prostitution sting, police report says

Jennifer Chambers / The Detroit News

TROY -- The co-founder and former CEO of the liberal-progressive Democracy Radio and husband of U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow was caught in February by a Troy police sting aimed at catching prostitutes, according to a police report.

Thomas L. Athans was stopped Feb. 26 by undercover officers investigating a possible prostitution ring in a room at the Residence Inn near Big Beaver and Interstate 75. Athans paid a 20-year-old prostitute $150 for sex in a Troy hotel but was not arrested, according to police reports obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by The Detroit News. The police report said officers observed Athans enter a room under surveillance and leave 15 minutes later. Detectives followed and stopped Athans' silver 2002 Cadillac DeVille on Interstate 75 near Square Lake Road.

I do so love that he was arrested in a town called Big Beaver.  That's almost as embarrassing as the report that he left "15 minutes later."  You know they put that part in on purpose. 

And he drives a 2002 Cadillac DeVille.  How typical.  Wonder what he looks like?

Yep, he's pretty much as you would have guessed.