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McCain 12 points behind; only 58% of the conservative base is supporting him

June 24, 2008 09:41 PM

That's per an L.A. Times/Bloomberg poll.  Apparently he's relying on the old "they'll have nowhere else to go" myth.  Because he sure isn't trying to appeal to the base himself.  I was at a Young Republicans meeting last night, and the poor guy from the McCain campaign tried to make a pitch for help.  He couldn't have been more ignored by the party regulars.  They just aren't interested.

I felt sorry for the poor kid, even as I briefly thought about pointing out to him that his candidate shouldn't be turning to us for help until his candidate stops stabbing us in the back (the global warming tour being the latest example of this).  But I didn't say anything.  It's not his fault. 

His boss may learn.  But it may come too late.  There is no way a Republican can win if he's only getting 58% of the conservative vote.  We're the ones who do all the work to get the candidates elected.  Have you ever seen a moderate work a phone bank?  Go door to door?  No.  Not in their nature.

And he just can't write off that many votes.  10% yes.  Maybe even 30%.  But 58%?  The math just doesn't work.


Now we hear McCrazy's VP list has Romney and the top...

Great, the only politico in recent memory to have lower likability ratings than Hil.

Spells an even faster doom.

jackscrow   ·  June 30, 2008 11:20 AM

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